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The Simple Sales Engine

Simpsen is the simple sales engine. It's a self-service e-commerce platform that allows anyone with a PayPal account to open a store on the internet simply and quickly with no experience or technical skill required.

Your Seller ID Number will be: brk2185

Your Seller ID Number cannot be edited.
If you don't like the Seller ID that's been generated for you, please refresh this page before you fill out the form and a new one will be generated. Once you submit the form, your Seller ID will be locked in.  

Before setting up your store, you must already have an established PayPal account (get help). We also recommend you have already setup an image hosting account so you can include a logo and images/photos in your store (get help).
Enter your Beta Code:  
During our current beta phase, a beta code is required in order to register a new store. If you do not have a beta code, you can find more information and request one at
Required Fields
This is the minimum information required to open a store. Any information entered here can be edited and changed later. Seller ID is the only thing you can't change after submitting the form.
Seller Name:  
Store Description:
Main email address:
PayPal Service email address:
Create an Administrator Username:
Optional Fields
We recommend that you complete as many of these fields as you can. The more information you give your shoppers when they visit your store, the easier it will be for them to buy from you.
Main Phone Number:  
Customer Service Phone Number:
Customer Service email address:
Street 1:
Street 2:
Street 3:
State and Zip Code:     
Main Website URL:
Return Policy:
Copyright Year:
Logo URL: (get help)
Color Scheme:
Click the button on the left to choose a new color.
The colors on the right display the default color scheme.

You must read and agree to the Simpsen Terms of Service to register a store and open an account. The Terms of Service include the Rules for Sellers, Privacy Policy, Data Retention Policy and Reporting and Dispute Resolution procedures.

I have read and agree to the Simpsen Terms of Service.

Clicking the Submit button will open another page where you will
have an opportunity to confirm your registration information before making it final.

The Simpsen Registration Online Store uses PayPal to allow you to pay at checkout with your credit or debit card. Most common bank cards are accepted, and you don't have to have or sign-up for a PayPal account to use PayPal checkout services.

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