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The Simple Sales Engine

Simpsen is the simple sales engine. It's a self-service e-commerce platform that allows anyone with a PayPal account to open a store on the internet simply and quickly with no experience or technical skill required.

Sign up and start selling today. It's simple.

| $30.00
This is a quality stainless steel travel mug with the Simpsen logo on it.

| $17.00
This is a fancy mouse pad with a gel wrist rest and the Simpsen logo.

| $70.00
This is a canvas gym bag with the Simpsen logo on it. This is a really great gym bag because you can carry stuff in it, not only to the gym, but to other places as well. It's like a Canvas Just_About-Anywhere Bag. This one is white. It also comes in black.

2. Click a category below to shop from a targeted list of items in the store.

3. Search the store for items you want.

The Simpsen Online Store uses PayPal to allow you to pay at checkout with your credit or debit card. Most common bank cards are accepted, and you don't have to have or sign-up for a PayPal account to use PayPal checkout services.

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