Reporting & Dispute Resolution

If you find a site that violates our Terms of Service, we want you to let us know about it. Please understand that we don’t always respond to these reports, but every single one is read (by a real human being), and the reported site is reviewed accordingly.  We take all reports seriously, but opinions and tastes vary, so what you find offensive may or may not result in a violation of Simpson’s Terms of Service.

Before reporting a store, we suggest you read through our Terms of Service and Rules for Sellers, as these are the standards to which all sellers are held.

Reporting content on a page:

If you come across a store on the Simpsen platform that you’d like to report, simply click the “Need Help?” link in the header toolbar (at the top left of any page in the store), and you’ll see a “Report this store” link.  Clicking that link will open a form in a new window that will allow you to send us a message describing your concern.


If, for some reason, you cannot get to the form from a store site, you can access the form here.

Before reporting a site with this form please verify that the site in question is hosted by Simpsen. We only host sites that have “” in their URL. We have no control over web sites or pages that are linked to from a store on the Simpsen platform.  To address concerns with those sites, please contact the site owners directly.

If we receive a complaint and aren’t in a position to make a determination (for example whether something is defamatory or not), we defer to the judgment of a court. Please forward any legal process relating to a site hosted on to If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, please contact us at