Allison’s Automotive Goes Live with New Stores on Simpsen

Allison’s Automotive launched their new online stores today using Simpsen’s easy-to-manage e-commerce framework.  Mark Allison, the owner of Allison’s Automotive has long been active in the classic car community, and is a widely acknowledged expert in Fiats, Lancias, Bertones and other European marques.  From his busy shop in Upland, California, where he has restored, repaired and upgraded countless classic Italian sportscars, Mark also sells a wide variety of restoration, repair and performance upgrade parts to car enthusiasts around the world.

With today’s launch, Allison’s Automotive has moved two existing stores onto the Simpsen framework, and is in the process of launching a third. offers replacement, restoration and performance parts for classic Fiats, Bertones, and Lancias.  Owners of the popular 124 Sport Spider, the X1/9 and the Scorpion are well acquainted with the quality  of products and services Mark provides, including an incredible selection of custom designed header and exhaust systems for these cars. offers style and performance upgrade parts for the modern Fiat 500 in all its flavors.  From stylish wheels to ECU remaps, to performance improvements in breaking, airflow, and many others, Allison’s has brought their experience with the classic Fiat marque to the modern 500.

Allison’s Classic Alfa is Mark’s newest store, focused on parts and upgrades for classic Alfa Romeos.  This new store is still in the midst of the setup process, with new products and information being added regularly.


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