Making Sure Your PayPal Account Is Ready For Your Simpsen Store

To be sure your PayPal account is ready to work with your Simpsen store, there just a few things you need to pay attention to.

1.  You must have a PayPal account that allows people to send you money for goods and services.

You will have to have either a Business Account or a personal Premier Account in order to accept credit card payments.  We recommend you sign up for a Business Account, as this type of account is designed for businesses accepting payments for goods and services, but ultimately, you should do some research and decide which account is best for you.

Here are some links to information about the different accounts that you might find helpful:

2.  You need to set up your PayPal account to correctly charge taxes.

After you sign in to PayPal, you can use the Tools menu to navigate to the Tax Calculator.  On this screen you can set up the tax rates that will be charged to customers that purchase in various states and countries.  Since tax laws differ from state to state, Simpsen does not give advice or recommendations on how you should set up taxes for your store.  You should do your homework and determine what rates you need to charge, and what to do with the taxes you collect from your customers.

3.  Set up the rest of your PayPal account according to your unique needs.

PayPal offers many options.  Depending on your particular situation, you may be able to link a bank account to your PayPal account, get a PayPal debit card to access money in your PayPal account, set up balance transfers, etc.  Please take some time to learn about your PayPal account and set it up to meet your needs accordingly.

3.a.  I’m adding this, because we highly recommend that you add a logo to your checkout page as part of your PayPal setup. Under the Tools menu, choose Business Setup.  On the right side of the page under “Other tools and settings”, select “Customize your buyers’ experience”.  This is where you’ll add your logo, and as a bonus, this page has links to things like the tax calculator and other settings.

Your PayPal email address

When you establish your PayPal account, you will associate an email address with the account.  This is the email address that you will provide when you set up your Simpsen store.  This email address is all we will ever need to know about your PayPal account.

Do not ever share your PayPal password with anyone.  

No one from Simpsen will ever ask for your PayPal password.


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