Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simspen?  What is the difference between Simpsen and the seller that runs the store where I am shopping?

Simpsen is a company that makes software that sellers can use to open a store on the internet.  We provide a platform which anyone with a PayPal account can use to sell products and services online.

Simpsen actually has no involvement with the content, products, services, logos, people, customer service, etc. that is provided by the seller/store.  Simpsen just makes a way for someone else to open a store and provide products and services to their customers.

What are differences between issues I would contact Simpson for, and those for which I would contact a seller/store?

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or problems with the products or services for sale, or if you have a problem with a purchase you have made, you should contact the seller/store.  If you have a financial dispute regarding a purchase, you should contact the seller.

If there seems to be a problem with the functioning of the website, you can contact either the seller/store, or Simpsen.  Sometimes these problems are related to the store’s content, which would be the responsibility of the seller to resolve.  Other times these problems are related to the software, which would be our responsibility to resolve.  Since it may be difficult for a shopper/user to tell whether it’s a seller problem or a Simpsen problem, feel free to report the issue to either of us.

All sellers are required to follow a certain set of rules and guidelines for selling on the Simpsen platform.  If you feel a seller has violated any of these guidelines, you can report that to us via email, or by phone, or by using our online contact form, or by clicking the “Need Help?” menu at the top left of the screen on any store page, and select “Report this store” from the dropdown menu.  This will open a form that you can fill out to provide us with information about your concerns.

How can I open a store using Simpsen?

Answer coming soon!



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