Product Roadmap Update

As we near completion of our closed, private beta stage, the product development roadmap is beginning to take shape, at least at the 10,000 ft level.  Here’s where we are, where we’re going, and where we might be headed after that.

State of the Product

Currently, Simpsen is a working beta product in use by a small number of sellers who are actively giving feedback which is being rolled directly into the product on an ongoing basis.  There is no release schedule in this stage as changes are being made, tested and rolled into the beta product on a regular basis.  This creates an inherent lack of stability in the product, which is why it is still in closed, private beta.

What’s working?

  • Overall store design and structure is complete and stable
  • Seller, Product and Admin databases are established with stable structure and valid data
  • Shopper functions
    • Browse, search, add-to-cart and checkout are all complete, tested and functioning properly
  • Seller (admin) functions
    • Admin login, add item, edit item, delete item, view report, featured items, item status, inventory status, edit profile and change password are all complete, tested and functioning properly
  • Corporate content
    • The Simpsen website is complete
    • WordPress has been instantiated within the Simpsen website to manage informational content, blogs and help pages
    • Admin help pages have been created and linked to the Admin pages in the store framework

What’s on the Trello Board

These are tasks and punch-list items that we are currently working on

  • Build the seller’s “Contact Us” page
  • Tutorials for additional photo-hosting sites (other than imgur)
  • Support for other video hosting sites (other than youTube)
  • Analytics for sellers

What’s on the Roadmap?

These are larger-scope goals that we plan to address.  They range from things we want to accomplish in the next few weeks/months, to grand ideas that may be well out on the horizon.  They are loosely in priority order (with no guarantees).

  • Self-serve registration
  • Improved Shipping options (weight based, more rate options, etc.)
  • Improved design options (colors, fonts, headings, etc.)
  • Customer communication tools

Founder and CEO of Simpsen. Before that, I spent 20+ years in higher education building BI/DW, project & portfolio management and project governance. Best part was investing in a bunch of brilliant tech folks who have gone on to do incredible work in their fields.

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