Images and Product Photos

All images used in your store need to be uploaded to a third-party image hosting/sharing website that allows direct-linking to the image.  This applies to product photos, as well as your store logo.

If you don’t already have a preferred service for hosting your images, we recommend using  The service is free, the interface is very easy to use, and it works seamlessly with the Simpsen store.

This video will walk you through the process of uploading an image to imgur, copying the URL of your image, and pasting that URL into your product listing.

TL;DR – upload your image to and paste the Direct Link (email & IM) URL into the product listing form.

Other image hosting services work in a similar manner, but each has its individual quirks, so if you don’t want to use imgur, you may need to play around with a few different services until you find one that works well for you.

Self-Hosting Images

It is possible to host images yourself if you have a web host or a local web server. We don’t provide a tutorial on managing your self-hosted images, but if you are familiar with that process, you can simply use the URL of your self-hosted image in the product listing and it will work fine.

For example, if you have a basic web hosting package from someone like DreamHost, you might use FileZilla to transfer files to and from your host, in which case you could use a URL like this for your images:

If you don’t know what that last paragraph means, then we suggest you stick with an image sharing site like imgur.


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