Signing In To Your Store Administration Page

Signing in to store administration is very easy.  Start on your store homepage.  It will look something like this, only with your unique colors, logo, etc.:



Next, find the Site Admin login boxes at the bottom of the page, as indicated here:


If you are have a problem at this point in the process, you can make your way back to the help pages, by clicking the Site Admin link.


In these boxes, you will enter your Admin Username, and your Admin Password.  You would have received a username and temporary password with your original confirmation email.  If this is the first time you are signing in, you will use the temporary password.  If you have already changed your temporary password to a permanent password, you will, of course, use that password.


This will open your Store Administration main page, which will look something like this:



As aways, if you are having a problem you can’t seem to get solved, please contact Simpsen Support and we’ll help you get it resolved.


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