Shipping: Types and Prices

When you Add an Item or Edit an Item, you have the opportunity to set shipping types and prices for that item.


Simpsen currently accommodates a flat shipping price for each item, and gives you the opportunity to set a US shipping price, an International shipping price, and one custom-defined shipping method and price.

Shipping to US Addresses – Every item must have a shipping amount specified for shipping to US addresses.  You can enter “0” as the amount for Shipping to US Addresses, and in your store it will say “Free Shipping to US Addresses”.

Shipping to International Addresses – You are not required to enter an amount for international shipping, but there are some details to consider as you decide what to put in this box – especially related to what you choose for International Shipping Policy.

  • If you choose “International shipping available”, then shoppers will be able to choose international shipping, and will be charged whatever amount you enter in the Shipping to International Addresses box.  If that amount is “0”, or if you do not enter an amount in the box, it will say “Free Shipping to International Addresses”.
  • If you choose “International shipping not available”, then shoppers will not be able to choose international shipping, and it will not matter what you put (if anything) in the Shipping to International Addresses box.
  • If you choose “Contact us for information”, shoppers will see a note in the item’s listing informing them that they need to contact you directly for information about international orders.  Again, in this case, it will not matter what you put (if anything) in the Shipping to International Addresses box.  The “Contact us” statement contains a link to the main email address that you provided in your Seller Profile.

Alternate Shipping – You are able to define one additional shipping option for each item.  For instance, if you want to offer expedited shipping, or local pickup, etc., you can do so.

In the Alternate Shipping box, enter a name for the type of shipping that you want to define.  For example, “Local Pickup”.

In the Alt Ship Price box, enter the cost for this type of shipping.  If you leave the box empty, or enter “0”, then your store will indicate that this shipping option is free.

The shipping prices appear in the price section of the item listing in your store.  A variety of shipping scenarios is shown below.




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