Reports give you detailed information on the items in your store in a convenient format for viewing online or printing if necessary.  To view reports, start on your Admin Dashboard page.  The Reports section is on the left side of the page.


Any report can be viewed with all items in your store, or by selecting a single category of items from the drop-down menu.


Hovering over the title of a report will display a box that lists all of the pieces of information that are included in that particular report.

reports_section_hover_box_1           reports_section_hover_box_2

Click on a report title to choose that report, then click the “View Report” button to display the report.


The report will open in your browser.  At this point you can view or print the report as needed.

You will notice that each item listing in each report includes an “Edit” button and a “Delete” button.  Please see the How to Edit an Item and How to Delete an Item help pages for a detailed discussion of how these buttons work.

In each that shows shipping information (Basic Product Information and Item Shipping Information), any items that show Free Shipping in the store are highlighted.  This means any item with $0 US Shipping, any item with both International Shipping Allowed and $0 or blank International Shipping Amount, and any item with an Alternate Shipping method defined and $0 or empty Alternate Shipping Amount.



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