How to Edit an Item

There are two ways to get to the Edit Item Form for a given item.

One option, if you know the item number, is to go straight to the Edit An Item section of the Admin Dashboard page.


Enter the Item Number in the box and click the “Go To Item Edit Screen” button.


After clicking the “Go To Item Edit Screen” button, the Edit Item Form will open.


Another option, if you do not know the item number, is to open one of the reports from the Admin Dashboard page.  Any report will work, but in this example we will use the Basic Product Information report.  If you know what category the item is in, you can select that category before viewing the report, but you don’t have to.


Clicking the “View Report” button will open the report in your browser window.  Scroll (if necessary) until you find the item in the report, then click on the “Edit” button in the item listing.  In this case, we are going to edit the listing for the “Canvas Gym Bag (White)”.


After clicking the “Edit” button, the Edit Item Form will open.

At this point, whether you entered an Item Number to edit, or clicked the “Edit” button from a report, you will see the Edit Item Form, which looks like this:


For the most part, the Edit Item form mirrors the Add New Item form, but pre-populates the form fields with the information that has already been entered for the item.  You can change or add to any information in the form, then submit and confirm the information just as you did with the Add New Item form.

However, there are a few unique elements to the Edit Item form.

Item Number cannot be edited.


Because the database uses the item number as the unique identifier for each item, that item number cannot be edited.  If you are unhappy with an item’s item number for some reason, you will need to use the Add New Item form to re-enter the item and assign it a new number.  You can then deactivate the old item or delete it.

Image and Video Previews are Provided


In the Edit Item form, you will see previews of any images or videos for that item.  If you see errors in the image previews, that means your shoppers will see errors in your store, and you should verify and correct the image or video information.

Effective Date – Each item has an Effective Date in the database which reflects the last date on which the item listing was changed.  This date will be updated when your edit is submitted.


Featured Items – The Edit Item form will let you know if the item you are editing is a featured item on the front page of your store.  This is just a courtesy to remind you that this item is featured.  To change which items are featured, you use the Featured Items Form.  The link to this form is located at the bottom of the Admin Dashboard page.


Once you have entered all your changes, you will click the “Submit Form” button.  This will open a confirmation page where you will review and confirm that all your changes are correct before making them final.


When you click the “Confirm and Update Item” button, you will get a final confirmation page indicating that the change has been made.  If there are any problems with the update, you will get an error message and additional instructions on the final confirmation page.



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