How to Delete an Item

Before you delete an item, be sure you really want it permanently deleted.  There is no way to undo the deletion of an item from the database.  You can remove an item from your store without deleting it by Editing the Item, and selecting “Inactive”. select_inactive

If you are sure you want to permanently delete an item, start by going to your Admin Dashboard page, and view any report.


When the report opens in your browser, scroll (if necessary) until you find the item you want to delete, and click the “Delete” button.


After you click the “Delete” button, a confirmation screen will open, asking you to confirm that you want to permanently delete the item.

  • If the item you are trying to delete is a Featured Item on the front page of your store, you will need to change your featured items before you will be able to delete the item.  You will do this using the Featured Items Form.

To do complete the deletion process, click the “Confirm and Delete Item” button.


The item is now deleted.


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