How to Add a New Item

To add a new item, start on your Store Administration dashboard page.  Click on the Add New Item button.



This will open the Add New Item Form, which looks like this:



Fill out the form with information about an item you want to sell in your store.  Form fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for every item listing – all of the other form fields are optional, but we suggest filling in as much detail as possible in order to maximize your sales potential.

We’ll walk through each section in greater detail.



There’s nothing to fill out in this section, but it is important because of what it says.  If you have photos or videos that will be part of your product listing, you will be entering information about where they live on the internet when you fill out this form.  In order to do that, the photos and videos need to have a home on the internet before you fill out the form.  So please be sure you have uploaded your photos to an image sharing site like imgur and your videos to YouTube before you start filling out the form.  For help with photos and videos, you can check out the Photos Help Page and the Videos Help Page.

Section One


Item Name – enter the name of the item as you want it to appear in the item listing in your store.

Item Number – enter an identifying number for your item.  This can be anything you want, and can be useful if you sell many items or need to track things like inventory levels.  This number must be unique for each item because the database where information about your items is stored uses this number to tell items apart.

In Stock? – Choose a button to indicate whether the item is in stock.

Active? – Choose a button to indicate whether the item is active or inactive.  Inactive items are stored in the database, but are not displayed in the Store.

Section Two


Product Category – Click on the drop-down menu box and you will see a list of your existing categories.  You may choose one of these categories, or you can select New Category at the top of the list.  If you select New Category, you must enter a new category name in the next box.  If you choose an existing category, you do not need to enter anything into the second box.

Keywords – You can enter keywords that relate to your item in this box.  No commas or other punctuation are necessary (but they also won’t do any damage).  When a customer searches your store for items, the search process will look at keywords (if there are any) as part of the search, so this can be useful in helping your customers find items in your store.

List Order – Your store will always list items within their category.  If no List Order is specified, items will be listed in the order that they appear in the database, which can be somewhat random.  If you enter a number in the List Order box for each item, your items will be listed in the order indicated by those numbers.

Section Three


Product Description – This one is pretty obvious.  Enter a description of the item.  In addition to keywords, the search function will look at this text as well.

Price – Enter a price for the item in US dollars and cents.

Unit – Enter the unit that the price you entered applies to.  For example, if you are selling bowls and they come is a set of 6 for $10, then enter “10” for the price and “Set of 6” for the unit.  That way the shopper knows the bowls are not $10 each, but $10 for 6.  If the price is for one of whatever you are selling, the usual way to show the unit is by using “ea” or “each”.

Section Four


Shipping to US Addresses – Every item must have a shipping amount specified for shipping to US addresses.  At this time, Simpsen only supports flat shipping amounts per item.  We are working on a simple way to allow more complex shipping calculations and will roll that out when we can.

You can enter “0” as the amount for Shipping to US Addresses, and in your store it will say “Free Shipping to US Addresses”.

Shipping to International Addresses – You are not required to enter an amount for international shipping, but there are some details to consider as you decide what to put in this box – especially related to what you choose for International Shipping Policy.

  • If you choose “International shipping available”, then shoppers will be able to choose international shipping, and will be charged whatever amount you enter in the Shipping to International Addresses box.  If that amount is “0”, or if you do not enter an amount in the box, it will say “Free Shipping to International Addresses”.
  • If you choose “International shipping not available”, then shoppers will not be able to choose international shipping, and it will not matter what you put (if anything) in the Shipping to International Addresses box.
  • If you choose “Contact us for information”, shoppers will see a note in the item’s listing informing them that they need to contact you directly for information about international orders.  Again, in this case, it will not matter what you put (if anything) in the Shipping to International Addresses box.

Alternate Shipping – You are able to define one additional shipping option for each item.  For instance, if you want to offer expedited shipping, or local pickup, etc., you can do so.

In the Alternate Shipping box, enter a name for the type of shipping that you want to define.  For example, “Local Pickup”.

In the Alt Ship Price box, enter the cost for this type of shipping.  If you leave the box empty, or enter “0”, then your store will indicate that this shipping option is free.

Section Five


In this section you will enter the URLs for up to 8 images that will be included in your item listing.  Please see the Photo Help Page for assistance in how to upload photos and determine what to enter into these boxes.

Section Six


In this section you will enter the YouTube video identifying code for up to 3 videos that will be included in your item listing. Please see the Video Help Page for assistance in how to upload videos and determine what to enter into these boxes.

Section Seven


In this section you may enter additional notes that will appear at the bottom of the item listing.



Once the form is filled out, click the “Submit Form” button in the footer.  This will open a new page that contains all of the information you just entered so that you can review and confirm it before adding it to the database.  The confirmation page will look like this:


After reviewing the new item information and confirming that it is all correct, click the button that says “Confirm and Add Item to Database” at the bottom of the table.


You will then get a confirmation screen indicating that your item was successfully inserted into the database, and you are done.  If there is any problem inserting the item into the database, you will get an error message and some instructions on this screen.



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