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This is Simpsen. The easiest, PayPal integrated, e-commerce solution to set up and manage.

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We are currently in beta release and are adding sellers at a managed pace. Click the button on the left and send us a note if you would like to open a store during the beta phase. If you have already received your beta invitation and code, click the button on the right to register your store.

Opening a store shouldn't be the hard part.

You've started a business. You've designed, developed, acquired, or maybe even hand-built your products. You set prices, do some marketing, invest your time, money, effort, and a big scoop of your self. Setting up an online store shouldn't be the hill that your dream dies on.

Simpsen is the simplest, easiest and fastest way you will find to set up a store online and accept payment for purchases directly into your PayPal account. No complicated configuration. No merchant account to set up. No experience required.

Easy Setup

We make setup simple! Just enter your product info in the online forms and go. Make changes whenever you want.

Flexible Product Photos

Link directly to product photos wherever they are online using nothing more than the URL of the photo.

PayPal Checkout

Your customers checkout easily and simply by paying with a credit card through PayPal.

Old idea. New company.

It really isn't a new idea. Make it easy to sell things online. There was a time when a lot of companies were trying to do that, but it seems that, over the years, the simple idea has gotten lost in a cloud of configuration details, setup tasks, and technical jargon. The last time I tried to set up a simple store online to sell some stuff (car parts, actually), I got so bogged down in the process of trying to set up the store that I felt like giving up.

I wasn't trying to start the next Amazon, or BestBuy. I just wanted to simply and easily set up a store to sell some stuff online, and I wanted it to be easy for customers to buy from me. It wasn't simple at all.

But one thing I've realized through the years. If there's something that a lot of people want to do, and there's no simple way to do it, somebody should make one. So I decided to make one.

Our Team

Right now, we're a really small team. It's just me, and a little help from my sons and couple friends. But the truth is, that's ok. We're not trying to build an empire, just a simple tool for regular folks who want to sell online. Simple idea, simple tool, simple team.

If you have ideas that you think will help us, or you'd like to talk about becoming part of our team, just use the Contact form to shoot us a message and we'll talk.

Is It That Simple?

We put a lot of emphasis on how simple and easy Simpsen is to use. And it is. Simple to use.
But rest assured, what's under the covers isn't as simple as all that. We put the best technology into the guts of the Simple Sales Engine. Because it doesn't actually have to be simple for us.
Just for you.
If you have ideas that you think will improve our product or service, just use the Contact form to shoot us a message and we'll talk.

We'd love to hear from you.

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